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 Wilgus and I are sitting at Jiffy Market on Hilyard and whatever. It is chilly and I don't appreciate that. There is  table next to us with 4 people and they are bitching about Tennis, which is on the above TV. Wilgus was getting perturbed at their disappreciation (is that even a word?) of the game and the athletes. He's all, "I feel like I'm going to step into their conversation in the next two minutes and say something."

"You should probably not do that," I said.

"But they're being ridiculous. I don't understand what's so wrong about appreciating good athletes."

"I think you need to hold your fiery temper, babe."

And then he pulled his fork out of is mouth and it made a SHINK noise and I thought I offended him, but he was just being dramatic. These people are being kind of ridiculous, though. The girls are all, "AND LIKE, THE LINGERIE, WAS LIKE, A BLACK CORSEEET, AND LIKE AND LIKE AND LIKE AND LIKE." And like shut the fuck up and stop using AND LIKE. Jesus.

There has been a lot to post about, but I mostly told Megan everything crazy or important on the phone the other night, so I really don't feel like recapping all of that. Work was crazy last Thursday on my birthday, and Wilgus and I went to a wedding, and I hung out with Gunnar Sunday night at a party until 5am. That is pretty much the gist of things.

So really, I have nothing to write about, except for the fact that I fucking miss my best friend and I am hating this sudden weather change. I definitely need to be more consistent about updating, which I have NOT been since like... forever.

I'll post the picture from the wedding and call it a post.

"It does even look like me. That's some other red head."


Sep. 15th, 2010 05:37 pm (UTC)
yes it does! (:


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